RingingUSA, LLC offers advanced communication solutions for small business, professional offices, homes or travelers. These solutions leverage existing high speed internet service, wi-fi connections, 3G/4G LTE networks and emails to deliver advanced call features at very competitive price. RingingUSA LLC follows communication market trends and create valuable service packages to meet the need of each business managers and business owners.

 RingingUSA LLC 


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                                                                                                                                         System features

Package A: 
Office Phone system -Wireless Panasonic -Three Users:



Price includes:

1) Model KX-TGP550 series 
2) Number of Extensions total 3 (One base as main unit, two portable handsets with full duplex Speakerphone)

3) Three lines (open with your local number of each lines, selectable upon purchase)

4) That all 3 users can make outbound calls at the same time.
5) One General Mailbox

6) First 1 month services;

7) Into-Network Service Activation;

8) Auto Attendant announcement:selectable by purchaser with assistance of setup from us:
    for example: press 1 for Human Resource, press 2 for sale, etc. 100% case-by-case
design and customizable. (hear demo)
9) The following key features:: 

  •    Hold, 
  •    1-button Call Transfer,
  •    Conferencing call,
  •    Music on Hold,
  •    HD voice
  •    Voice Mail forward to eMail InBox on smartphone  
  •    E911services,
  •    unlimited long distance calls within USA and Canada,
  •    International call optional/additional low rate;
  •    Mute
  •    Caller ID
  •    VoiceMail light button
  •    Call Waiting
  •    Full Deplex Speak phone on Portable Handset- for clear voice conversation with hand-free
  •    Redial 
  •    Headset jack ready (Headset sold separately)
  •    Intercom among extensions
  •    Call Forwarding to Cellphone when wanted-by self setup at anytime
  •    Ringer volume: High, Medium, Low, Off
  •    Ringer tone by line: Yes
  •    Ringer tone type: 9 (Standard 6, Musical tone 3)
  •    Display Language: two, English or Espanol
  •    Date and Time Yes
  •    Phonebook Yes, 100 memory capacity
  •    Portable Handset battery talk time 10 HRS, 5 day standby 
  •    Redial list display: Yes, last 10 number dialed
  •    Portable Handset Extension location: Anywhere in your office 
  •    Base to Portable communication coverage: indoor 180000 sqf; outdoor 1200 feet LOS
  •    Auto Talk on lift base receiver handset
  •    Off-hook monitor let other hear phone call from Sp-phone on base while continue talk on base handset
  •    Receiving volume adjust during phone conversation
  •    9 way dialing out
  •    Live transfer a call to remote party outside office
  •    Speed dial 
  •    Phonebook auto move/copy from one extension to another extension 
  •    Naming portable handset on display
  •    Ringer ID
  •    Portable handset carrying on belt by belt clip
  •    White back-lit LCD display


10) One-year equipment limited warranty
11) live tech support 7 day a week by phone /email
Other Term: 

12)Self installation is free, (on site installation and training -available, fee applys)

13) No contract -30 days advance notice on cancelation No Cancelation Fee 

14) 2nd month and forward, billing at per line per month base. inquiry for details.

15) Soho office must have broadband internet service provided by any 3rd party company;
16) Additional Extensions are available to add, more cost therefore may apply.
17) Slim amount of pre-order deposit applys.

We understand that our client satisfaction is our top priority and contact us for additional questions if any.

Package B: Office Phone system -Wireless Panasonic - for sale --- Six Users